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Stephen Sondheim's Crossword Puzzles

In 1968 and 1969, renowned Broadway composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim "composed" a series of cryptic crosswords for New York magazine.
The puzzles were collected and published in a spiral-bound book in 1980, but have been out of print since that time and near-impossible to find. As a result, I decided to share some of my collection, in the hopes that other Sondheim fans can enjoy these rare gems - even if some of them are just painful!

Unfortunately but fairly, in 2011 Mr. Sondheim's lawyer has since asked me to remove these crosswords, as they may be reprinted in the near future (so, that's a plus at least!). It is a completely understandable request, and I'm thrilled that Mr. Sondheim himself (in the article linked below) saw the website and had no personal issue with them being made public. I cherish my little spiral-bound volume, and look forward to doing the crosswords again in the future. This New York Times article by Patrick D. Healy explains the crosswords' provenance in more detail.

As an avid crossword fan and a massive Sondheim buff, I'd love to hear more from other fans - and those who experienced the crosswords at the time - at sam.j.yeo AT

For more information on Mr. Sondheim's unparalleled contribution to music theatre, please visit Wikipedia, The Sondheim Guide or